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It is a wonderful experience being part of Conversation Pieces, and we hope that you are able to share your experiences with us. Please send us your comments via our Quick Contact Button, we would like to share your thoughts. (no last names, or addresses mentioned as we want to protect your privacy).

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"Hi Lianne,

Thank you very much for sending us the e-mail below. Margaret and I went to your links and were wonderfully surprised with what you did. We found your web site absolutely beautiful. You did a marvelous job setting up a very, very tasteful web site with an excellent range of very nice items. Something for everyone. The web site is very easily navigable and a delight to move from one area to another. A lot of other people’s sites suffer in this area. If you did this work yourself, you are to be commended! We hope to be dropping in to your store soon to see what else you have.

P.S. Love the retro chair you have listed. Hope you sell it quickly and to a good home! Love the picture below you have designed and selected to use to invite people to your site. There is something very “warm” and inviting about it which just draws one in to see more...much like the effect you have created in your gallery. Great work, just GREAT!!!"
Good luck and best wishes, Margaret & Rick
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Dear Lianne,

Charles and I were thrilled about the glass bag I bought from you yesterday. Thank you again for being so good to me, re its price, I really appreciated it…You should see it in the house, among the other pieces of glass that I have…At this point, we are quite doubtful as to whether...
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