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Welcome to Our Wish List...

Welcome to Our Wish List,

If you are looking for anything in particular, furniture, lighting, jewellery, collectibles or ANYTHING, click our Quick Contact Button, and contact us, with a description, measurements, or anything that would be helpful for us to find what your searching for.

If we come across something through our estates that might suit what you are looking for, we will contact you.  

We'll help you on your hunt!

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Company: Conversation Pieces
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Conversation Pieces
1 Cleopatra Drive - Unit 9
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada  K2G3M9

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Lianne WattHi Everyone! Just want to let you know that we will be working more and more on the site!  We plan to add more and more items and make it as interesting as we can for you...Our upcoming plans include, videos and information pages, recommended tried and true businesses that we have used, more blogging, and funny and useful life messages and such on our fun...
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